Vriesea Fenestralis



Vriesea fenestralis is an attractive evergreen perennial plant originally from the Brazilian. Their leaves have lighter mottlings which make them attractive. Vriesea fenestralis will add an instant tropical vibe to any environment. Vriesea fenestralis blooms in Summer. It can grow up to 75cm wide and 45cm tall with adequate fertilization. Vriesea fenestralis is good for growing indoors as a houseplant or larger terrariums.
Vriesea fenestralis is a non-toxic, pets and child-friendly plant. Vriesea fenestralis are easy to care for.

Pot Size: 19 cm
Height : 40 cm

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Vriesea Fenestralis Care
Light: They will thrive in shaded areas as well as areas with bright indirect sunlight.
Temperature: The ideal temperature range is between 16° C – 27° C.
Water: Filling the centre cup in the rosette with filtered or distilled water and avoid tap water because Vrieseas are sensitive to mineral salts. Allow the water to disappear before refilling the cup and rinse the centre cup every month or two..
Humidity: Mist regularly.
Fertilizer: Most bromeliads do not require fertilizer to thrive.
Height & Growth Rate: It can grow up to 75cm wide and 45cm tall.
Air purifying: Yes
Toxicity: Non-toxic. Child & Pet Friendly.

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