Ficus Elastica ‘Robusta’



Rubber Plant ‘Robusta’ is a modern variety. Their leaves are wider and more glossy. Rubber Plant is easy to care for plant that will look good all year round, needing minimal care.
Ficus Elastica ‘Robusta’ has large, dark, thick, rubbery leaves. Rubber Plant ‘Robusta’ will stand out and bring your home to life and fresh air. Effective in cleaning formaldehyde from the air.
The Rubber Plant ‘Robusta’ can grow to heights of several meters. As an indoor house plant, simply trim to maintain your desired height. Typical indoor heights are between 30cm and 2m.

Pot size: 24
Height: 140

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Rubber Plant ‘Robusta’ Care
Light: Ficus Elastica prefers bright, indirect light but does cope quite well in lower light conditions. Avoid direct sunlight.
Temperature: Ficus Elastica does well in normal household temperatures, but prefers slightly warmer conditions: around 16-24°C.
Water: Water when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil lightly moist at all times. Do not overwater.
Humidity: This Ficus has no specific humidity requirements, although it will benefit from an occasional misting.
Fertilizer: Feed once or twice a month during growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Fast-growing plant. Indoors it can be trimmed to maintain a desired height, and usually grows to a height of 30cm-2m.
Air purifying: Yes.
Toxicity: This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals.

Additional information

Additional information


Pot Size 12 Height 35, Pot Size 34 Height 145

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