Vriesea Red Chestnut



Vriesea ‘Red Chestnut’ is a spectacular plant with its glossy green leaves with creamy white stripes. As the plant ages, its curved fronds come out green but deepen into a rich chestnut colour. These fronds add tropical impact with their brightly coloured. And also they create a reservoir that collects water.
Red Chestnut is one of the most favourite bromeliads for its ease of care, tolerance of low light levels. Great for larger terrariums and an indoor plant.

Pot Size: 19 cm
Height : 60 cm

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Vriesea ‘Red Chestnut’ Care
Light: Prefers bright but indirect light
Temperature: Prefers warmer temperature: minimum 15°C.
Water: Lightly water soil when it starts to dry but remember water is taken in mainly through the central tank.
Humidity: Maintain humidity, mist regularly.
Fertilizer: During the growing season (April till October) feed them once a month using a diluted, acidic fertiliser.
Soil: Good potting compost.
Height & Growth Rate:  Reaches around 30cms in height.
Toxicity: Non-toxic. Child & Pet Friendly.

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