Humata tyermannii



This small indoor plant has become really popular in recent years with its eye-catching foliage and trailing habit.  Rich green, delicate foliage explodes from little, fuzzy, silvery rhizomes at the base of the plant – these look a bit like rabbits’ feet hence the name of this small houseplant. The foliage grows up from the base then tumbles from the sides as the plant matures.

Humata tyermannii is a native of Fiji and likes a warm, humid atmosphere, but nothing too hot.  Think shower room or warm kitchen in a bright spot but away from the direct sun. Think of it hiding on the forest floor!

Pot size: 12 cm
Height: 17 cm

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Rabbit’s Foot Fern Care
Light: Prefers bright indirect light especially during the cold weather and subdued light during the summer season.
Temperature: Loves normal household temperatures, ideal between 16°C and 24°C.
Water: Keep the soil of your Rabbit’s Foot Fern moist at all times. Do not over water.
Humidity: Prefers  high humidity levels.
Fertilizer: Fertiliser can be applied occasionally during the growing season. Do not over-feed.
Height & Growth Rate: Slow-growing plant with a typical indoor height of around 50-60cm..
Toxicity: Toxic if ingested. Keep away from children & animals.

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