Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Zenzi’



The Zenzi ZZ Plant is a relatively new kid on the block. It is a dwarf cultivar of the ZZ Plant with a thick, compact habit and very dark green leaves.

This fascinating, uber-modern houseplant is absolutely perfect as a desk plant, guaranteed to lighten the mood, no matter how dark the office!

Please note: these plants like to be pot bound and the grow pots can often be distorted into an oval shape.

Pot size: 14 cm
Height: 40 cm

--- *Actual product may vary from the photo


ZZ Plant Care
Light: ZZ Plant is one of the more shade tolerant plants. Place in low to bright indirect light for best results.
Temperature: Prefers average household temperatures between 16-25°C but can cope with as low as 10°C for short periods.
Water: Water when the soil starts to dry-out at the top, water well and allow to drain thoroughly.
Humidity: Will do fine in normal house humidity. Mist your plant occasionally for best results.
Fertilizer: Feed once a month during growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: ZZ Plant is a slow-growing plant which typically reaches an ultimate height of around 50cm.
Air purifying: Yes
Toxicity: This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals.

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