Dracaena ‘Anita Variegata’



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Dracaena ‘Anita Variegata’
Light: Anita Variegata prefers medium to bright indirect light but, like most Dracaena, can tolerate a vast range of light levels, including partial shade..
Temperature: This plant thrives in average household temperatures: between 16-24°C.
Water: Water your plant the soil begins to dry-out. Ensure the plant has proper drainage to prevent root rot developing.
Humidity: Can tolerate some dry, indoor air, however increased humidity will help stave off brown leaf tips. Consider giving your plant the occasional misting.
Fertilizer: Feed twice a month during growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Dragon Tree is a slow growing palm which usually reaches an ultimate height of 1 to 2 metres..
Air purifying: Yes
Toxicity: Toxic if ingested. Keep away from children & animals.

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