Polyscias Ming



Polyscias are versatile, small, indoor, branching trees. They grow in an upright and compact manner, making them suitable even in smaller spaces. Polyscias translates from the Greek as “many” and “shade”, a reference to their abundant foliage.

Polyscias Ming has fine, elegant leaves that are made up of many leaflets. They may look fragile, but fortunately this is an adaptable plant so long as it is kept in a warm, humid environment.

Pot size: 27 cm
Height: 150 cm


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Aralia Ming Care
Light: Polyscias Ming prefers moderate to bright, indirect light but can adapt to shade. Avoid direct sunlight
Temperature: The Aralia Ming likes things warm, so anything above 15°C will be fine. Ideally keep the plant in an environment with a temperature of 18 to 29°C.
Water: Water when the soil has become slightly dry at the top. Better to keep them slightly dry than to overwater.
Humidity: Prefers moderate to high humidity levels. Dry air may cause leaf drop. Mist regularly for best results.
Fertilizer: Feed once a month during growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: The Aralia Ming is slow-growing once established with an ultimate indoor height of around 1 to 2 metres.
Toxicity: This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals.


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