Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Lauretta’



The name “peace lily” was called because the white flowers look like white flags of peace—though they aren’t actually lilies. Instead, they’re tropical perennials, when you practice good peace lily care, these plants can live for years and flower over and over again. The plant is ideal for home or office growing, they’re easy to take care of, don’t require a lot of light, and do a wonderful job cleaning and purifying the air we breathe.

Peace lilies are tropical species and hybrid from the Spathiphyllum genus that are a favorite flowering houseplant. A striking plant when used in mass display, the peace lily blooms in spring with long-lasting flower stalks that hover gracefully over the foliage. The plant has glossy oval leaves with points that emerge from the soil. A well-grown peace lily may bloom twice a year, resulting in several months of flowers.



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Peace Lily Care
Light: Prefers bright, indirect light. Can adapt well to lower light levels.
Temperature: Prefers average household temperatures. Between 18-24°C. Can tolerate as low as 12°C in winter.
Water: Keep the soil moist at all times. Allow the top of the soil to dry out slightly before watering.
Humidity: Thrives in more humid environments. Mist your plant occasionally for best results.
Fertilizer: Apply a weak dose of a liquid fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Reaches heights up to 1 metre.
Air purifying: Yes
Toxicity: Mildly toxic. Keep away from children & animals.

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Additional information


Pot Size 19 Height 95, Pot Size 9 Height 30

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