Alocasia Frydek



Alocasia Frydek, commonly known as Green Velvet Alocasia, is a handsome cultivar of Alocasia Micholitziana. It is a tropical plant having large, green-colored, sagittate leaves whose beauty is enhanced by the silverish-white veins. These leaves are velvety to touch and are held up by light-green herbaceous stems. If given the right conditions, this gorgeous plant blooms beautiful inflorescence that is tint-shaded.

This perennial cultivar is popular as a houseplant because it is so easy to care for and has a longer lifespan. It can be grown in pots in a living room, patio, kitchen, office space, or home garden; no matter where you grow this green beauty, it will adorn all spaces.

Pot size: 21 cm
Height: 80 cm

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Alocasia Green Velvet Care
Light: Frydek does best in bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to fade and lose their markings.
Temperature: Needs to be kept warm, ideally between 18°C – 24°C.
Water: The best way to water Alocasia Frydek is by watering it only as often as the top 1 cm of soil dries.  Likes weekly regular watering. Water must evenly reach almost everywhere of the potting soil. Needs less water in winter.
Humidity: Prefers high humidity.
Fertilizer: Feed every month in the spring and summer with half-strength, all-purpose indoor plant fertilizer such as our All Purpose Fertilizer
Height & Growth Rate: Reaches ultimately heights of around 60cm to 80cm.
Air purifying: Yes.
Toxicity: This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals.

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