Phalaenopsis ‘Las Vegas’



Phalaenopsis ‘Las Vegas’ is a subtle blend of apricot-orange, bronze and gold. They produce oval, fleshy, green leaves and stunning apricot-orange, bronze and gold flowers which makes them quite unique.
It’s one of the easier orchids to grow in the home. With a few basic requirements, these plants will reward owners with several months of beautiful blooms.

Pot Size: 12 cm
Height: 45 cm

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Moth Orchid ‘Las Vegas’ care
Light: Bright but indirect light.
Watering: When watering, you should let them stand in a tray of water so they can soak up. After one or two hours let the excess water drain away completely.
Fertilizer: This can be used once a week during Spring and Summer, with diluted fertiliser.
Soil: Use a specialist orchid compost.

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