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Euphorbia Ingens is believed to be a cactus but is actually succulent! Because Euphorbia Ingens’ appearance is similar to cacti in cartoons. That’s why it is commonly named Cowboy Cactus. The difference between other cactus is that Euphorbia Ingens grows very tiny leaves. It’s native to Southern Africa. Often it will grow flowers and red fruit and has fleshy stems adorned with sharp spines. This striking and fast-grow plant is really easy to look after and requires little watering. It just requires a lot of sunlight.

Cowboy Cactus is an architectural houseplant that will have a stand-alone feature on its own in a room or office. It also will provide a strong accent amongst more leafy plants.

Pot Size: 20 cm
Height : 65 cm

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Euphorbia Ingens Care
Light: Outside full sun, inside needs bright light and some direct sun.
Temperature: Tolerating minimum winter temperatures10-12°C
Water: Watered well during the summer, but leave plenty of time for the soil to dry out thoroughly between watering.
Humidity: Prefer conditions with adequate airflow and low humidity.
Fertilizer: During the growing season fertilize them monthly.
Height & Growth Rate: In right conditions, it can grow 20 cm every year.
Air purifying: Yes, This plant is the best in reducing radiation and bacteria.
Toxicity:  This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals..

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