Calathea Rufibarba



Calathea Rufibarba has a unique velvety layer that makes them soft to the touch and offers protection. That’s why its common name is Velvet Calathea. It is also known as the Fuzzy Feathers plant because of the textured, fuzzy feel on the underside of the leaves. It has red stems, deep blue-green leaves and burgundy undersides. Its fabulous rippling foliage brings movement and energy to your interior design. Calathea Rufibarba blooms large yellow flowers which are surprisingly splashed.

These luxuriously looking houseplants will also give exotic displays to your kitchen, bathroom and conservatories. Velvet Calathea is native to the rainforests of South America.

Pot Size: 14 Cm
Height : 55 cm

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Calathea Rufibarba Care
Light: Calathea Rufibarba ideally needs bright indirect light, avoid direct sunlight. Despite needing a lot of diffused light, Rufibarba will survive in a shadier area too.
Temperature: Prefers warm to high temperatures, ideally between 18-23°C, but can cope with as low as 15°C.
Water: Calathea must be kept in damp soil at all times, but definitely do not allow the plant to sit in water.
Humidity: High humidity levels are a must. Mist frequently to improve humidity conditions.
Fertilizer: Once every two months or so during the growing seasons will be enough to keep your healthy and thriving.
Height & Growth Rate: This Velvet Calathea is a moderately fast growing plant, ultimately reaching heights of around 80cm.
Toxicity: Non-toxic. Child & Pet Friendly.

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