Philodendron Scandens Moss Pole



This is a species of plant native to South America. This plant produces gorgeous evergreen heart shaped leaves on long vines. A super hardy houseplant that is great for new plant parents. This plant also does well under fluorescent light making it a great option for offices.

The commonly known Sweet Heart Plant (Philodendron Scandens) is one of the easiest plants to care for. It’s a fast grower that comes attached to a moss pole. With a little care it will thrive in a small pot for years.

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Sweetheart Plant Care
Light: Prefers medium light but can tolerate bright light and some degree of shade. Avoid direct sunlight
Temperature: Ideally household temperatures, between 16°C and 24°C is with a minimum of 13°C.
Water: Keep the soil moist at all times. Allow the top of the soil to dry-out slightly before re-watering.
Humidity: Prefers normal home humidity, but thrives in more humid environments.
Fertilizer: Apply a weak solution of liquid fertiliser two or three times during the growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Reaches an ultimate height of anything up to 4 metres.
Air Purifying: Yes.
Toxicity: This plant is toxic. Keep away from children & animals.

Additional information

Additional information


Pot Size 12 Height 20, Pot Size 24 Height 160

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