Laurus Nobilis Corkscrew



A handsome addition to any garden, being attractive the whole year round, this very special bay tree will become an instant talking point given the special form it has been given. The stems have been trained up in to a special Heart shape part way up the clear stem before they continue straight up again to a head of the usual bay foliage.

Taking time and effort to create, this tree is ready to be enjoyed, it will create a stylish focal point on the patio, looking very stylish and great as a balcony or terrace plant and of course near the kitchen for use in your favourite dishes.

Attractive Bay Tree standards can be paraded formally in groups or as pairs beside a doorway or next to a flight of steps. This special Heart shaped trunk form adds a really unusual extra dimension to your display. Easy to grow and fully hardy, it may be pruned to keep it small or fashioned into an imposing specimen.

Pot Size: 25 cm
Height: 160 cm

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Bay Tree Care

Light: Needs bright, filtered light. If moving outdoors, acclimatise the plant to the sun first to avoid leaf burn.
Temperature: Prefers average normal home temperatures, ideal: between 18°C and 20°C.
Water: Water moderately when the soil to become slightly dry. Do not  overwater.
Humidity: Prefers high humidity levels.
Fertilizer: Feed with liquid fertiliser during the growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Reaches an ultimate height of 1 – 2 meters.
Toxicity: This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals.

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