Calathea Majestica



Perhaps one of the most elegant yet relatively muted designs on a Calathea is that of the Calathea majestica ‘White star’ (goeppertia majestica). This specimen is known to be a cultivar of the ornata species and sports several bright white stripes from the midrib of the plant extending to its leaf blades. Some of the leaves may feature pink shades near the midrib, depending on the light conditions and maturity of the plant.

Often mistaken for its relative species, the Calathea ornata or the Pinstripe Calathea, the White star plant has more stripes that almost fill the whole leaf. It also resembles the Vittata variety. Given proper care, this plant can reache an ultimate height of 1.5 meters in large pots and the leaves can become very long.

Pot size: 14
Height: 60

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Calathea Majestica Care
Light: Needs  plenty of diffused, bright but not direct light, Can tolerate some degree of shade, but variegation may fade.
Temperature: Prefers average indoor temperatures, ideal: between 18°C and 23°C.
Water: Keep in damp soil at all times, but definitely do not allow the plant to sit in water or in very wet soil.
Humidity: Prefers high humidity levels.
Fertilizer: Apply a weak dose of a nitrogen-rich foliage fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Reaches an ultimate height of 1.5 meters.
Air purifying: Yes
Toxicity: Non-toxic. Child & Pet Friendly.

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