Senecio Herreianus



String of Tears succulent has a pronounced teardrop shape and pointed tip compared to the round string of pearls. This rare succulent enjoys lots of sunlight and can live indoors or outside. This fascinating house plant spills from its pot in long strings of tear-shaped, bead-like foliage. Senecio ‘String of Teardrops’ is an intriguing succulent with an eye-catching, trailing habit. This makes it perfect for indoor hanging baskets or cascading from a shelf to create a splendid focal point. Its succulent status makes it naturally drought tolerant and easy to grow. Senecio is native to South West Africa.

Pot size: 15 cm
Height: 30cm


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The String of Tears or The String of Beads Care
Light: Prefer full sun when grown in cooler climates.
Temperature: Normal household temperatures between 16-24°C. They can however tolerate quite cool temperatures if required, but don’t risk exposing them to frost of any kind.
Water: Unlike other succulents, Senecio plants do like water on a fairly frequent basis.
Humidity: Succulent Senecio plants are adapted to dry arid conditions so there is no need to increase humidity in a standard home or office.
Fertilizer: Once every two months or so during the growing seasons will be enough to keep your Senecio healthy and thriving.
Height & Growth Rate: Fast-growing and typically reaches an ultimate height and length of 1 metre.
Toxicity: Mildly toxic if eaten. Keep away from children & animals.

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