Asparagus Setaceus



Asparagus Setaceus , commonly known as Lace Fern, Common Asparagus Fern, or Climbing Asparagus, is an exquisite and elegant climbing plant that adds a touch of sophistication to any indoor space. Although it is called a fern, it is actually a member of the lily family, and features long, wiry stems with delicate frond-like sprays that spread out horizontally.

Initially, this lush and bushy plant develops long, twisting stems with bright green, feathery fronds. In late summer, tiny green-white bell-shaped flowers appear, which later develop into small, purple berries. It is worth noting that Asparagus Setaceus may grow thorns, so handle with care.

Fast-growing and able to reach a height of 2.5m if left unpruned, Asparagus Setaceus is an ideal choice for adding a touch of greenery to your home or office. Whether you want a statement plant to climb up a trellis or a beautiful hanging plant to add vibrancy to a room, Asparagus Setaceus is a fantastic option that will not disappoint.

Pot size: 12 cm
Height: 30 cm

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Asparagus Fern Plant care
Light: Asparagus Fern  best in bright, indirect light.
Temperature: Prefers average to warm household temperatures from 15-28°C .
Water: Keep the soil of your Asparagus Fern moist, should be watered regularly.
Humidity: Will do fine in normal house humidity, but thrives in more humid environments. Mist your plant occasionally for best results.
Fertilizer: Feed once a month during growing season.
Height & Growth Rate: Asparagus Fern grow to a height of 1m to 2m.
Toxicity: This is a toxic plant. Keep away from children & animals.

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