Dypsis Lutescens




The Areca Palm, otherwise known as Butterfly Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Bamboo Palm, or its Latin name, Dypsis Lutescens, is a native of Madagascar. They’re widely available, easy to grow, and their lush foliage even helps remove some toxins from the air. These plants can survive year-round outdoors where the winter lows stay above freezing. Outdoors they may get 4 to 9 meters tall.


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The Areca Palm Care
Light: Outdoors, these plants like bright, but they also can tolerate full sun. Ideally. Indoors, Areca Palms do best with bright light exposure from a south- or west-facing window.
Temperature: Indoors or outdoors, this plant does best in average temperatures of 18°C. It will do fine planted in the garden in regions where outdoor temperatures don’t dip below about 10°C. When grown as an indoor plant, keep the leaves away from cold windows, air conditioners, and heat sources.
Water: Like many palms, Areca Palms like moist soil, but they are sensitive to overwatering and cannot tolerate being waterlogged or sitting in a water.
Humidity: The plant will acclimate to normal indoor humidity. But if the air is too dry than you should misting your palm a few times a week.
Fertilizer: Requires fertilizing from spring to early fall with a liquid fertilizer following label instructions.
Air purifying: Yes
Height & Growth Rate: Indoors, expect this plant to get 2 to 3 meters tall.
Toxicity: Non-toxic. Child & Pet Friendly.

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