My acquaintance with plants dates back to my childhood.

And the big part of it was thanks to my mother and many of our neighbours. They adored their plants and showed incredible care and attention, and that love inevitably passed onto me.

I have been growing so many plants in my home since I had my own place. And as so many other plant lovers would agree: there is no such thing as enough plants.

As you grow, you want more.

But when my place couldn’t have more, I thought: “what if I open a plant shop and store more there?”

At first it felt like a distant dream. But then I said why not?

And now here I am, drinking my first coffee every morning with Macrorrhiza ‘Giant Elephant Ear’.

I met many plants that I did not know before.

I also saw that there are many plant lovers like me. And that is a very happy thing.

Taking a plant, taking care of it, and spending time with it can be really therapeutic.

I believe that a handful of green is a remedy for everyone with busy pace of life.

And that is why I am inviting all plant lovers to my Plant World London store.

Just come and you’ll see that you cannot have enough.